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About Anthony D. Castelli, Esq.

SSDI Cincinnati Attorney Anthony CastelliAnthony Castelli has dedicated his last 32 years of his professional career to helping people suffering from an illness or injury such that they cannot work obtain Social Security Disability Benefits.

He has represented hundreds of Social Security Disability claimants in the past 32 years.

He has had hearings throughout the State of Ohio, including Cincinnati, Dayton and Columbus.

Although he has had chronic back pain himself, he has been fortunate enough to be able to continue working, given the fact that an attorney’s life is not physical. However, he has seen many seriously chronic pain patients with multiple surgeries that had such severe pain that they could not even do a sit-down job.

As a father of two children, he knows how important it is to maintain the family structure and bring financial stability to a family. He knows how terrible it is for a father and mother to be stricken with an injury/illness that causes them not to be able to work. However, even though in many cases Social Security Benefits do not substitute for the whole income that has been lost because the injured worker can no longer work, there is great peace of mind and benefit to having an award of a significant back benefit and then ongoing monthly checks to help a family survive and stabilize.

When you hire Anthony Castelli, he views his representation with you as a partnership. His end of the deal is to bring to bear all of his knowledge and resources to put your claim in the best light so that you have the best chance to win your Social Security claim.


Anthony Castelli knows that deserving people are often denied. That is why he maintains a relentless and persistent spirit and attitude towards fighting the Social Security Disability bureaucracy.

He is never disappointed by initial denials, because he knows his success rate in front of an Administrative Law Judge is in excess of 75%.

Recently, with the help of his staff, the wonderfully capable Social Security Disability Assistant, Iris Steioff, as well as his young Staff Attorney, Alex Freitag, Anthony Castelli has gone on a winning streak for the clients he has represented. However each case id different and although no lawyer can ethically guarantee a result Anthony promises to fight with all his heart for your SSDI or SSI benefits.

Anthony Castelli is also an experienced personal injury trial lawyer. He brings his trial skills to bear in the preparation of you application and representation of you before the federal administrative law judges.

Reviews and Testimonials and Peer Review Rankings

Anthony has achieved the highest ratings from his peers in Martindale Hubbel ( preeminent) and AVVO reviews (superb). He has been listed an an Ohio Super Lawyer in the Super Lawyers magazine.

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A father’s love for his daughter can not be denied. Here is a brief exerpt of what a father that hired Anthony Castelli to help his daughter said about Anthony’s services:

Mr. Castelli diligently researched the case and provided supporting evidence to the social security administration and the court – even making phone calls to determine the cause for delay. I’m happy to report his diligence paid off. Yesterday the Court granted Debbie permanent disability status.
I highly recommend him to you – and thank you for the original referral which directly led to a successful appeal and social security disability for Debbie.

Again, my thanks – Mr. Castelli is a fine man and represented us well.

Sincerely, Jerry

Help yourself right now by calling Anthony Castelli , he won’t walk to help, he’ll run as fast as he can if he thinks he can help win you social security disability benefits. The evaluation is free. Click here to learn how you can afford his services  Call 1-800-447-6549 toll free or locally in Cincinnati at 513-621-2345 or fill out the short intake form.