Common disabling injuries

back and neck injury

Injury is not a very common cause of disability. Although injuries can lead to permanent disability, injuries only account for less than 5% of all Social Security Disability Insurance (SSDI) awards. Therefore, there are no really “common” disabling injuries from a statistical standpoint. However, there are some injuries that do come up regularly.

Back and Neck Injuries

Back and neck injuries are the most common form of injury leading to disability. Most of these injuries are caused by overwork and strain, but they may also be caused by impact injuries, car accidents, and violence.

knee injury ssdiKnee Injuries

Knee injuries are also a common form of injury that causes disability. As with back injury, many knee injuries are caused by overwork and strain. Obesity often contributes to knee strain. Car accidents are also a common cause of knee injury.

Hand Injuries

Hand injuries can easily be disabling because our hands are both so important and so vulnerable. Hand injuries can be caused by the hand being caught between objects or in machinery. Overwork and strain injuries are also common causes of hand injuries leading to disability.

Post-Traumatic Stress

post traumatic stressPost-traumatic stress is common after a highly stressful event such as an accident. Even people who were not involved in the accident may experience post-traumatic stress, and it can sometimes be a persistent impediment to returning to a workplace where the accident occurred.

Traumatic Brain Injury

Traumatic brain injury results most commonly from falls, but may also be caused by car accidents, violence, and other causes. Brain injury remains a difficult one of disability determination because it remains a mysterious and poorly understood phenomenon.

Although these are five of the most common types of injury resulting in disability, there are actually many more types of injury that may qualify you for disability. To learn whether your injury might qualify you for Social Security disability benefits, please contact us today for a free eligibility evaluation.

Other Disabling Conditions

Common illnesses that can be disablingMusculoskeletal System DisordersSpecial Senses and Speech DisordersRespiratory System DisordersCardiovascular System DisordersDigestive System DisordersGenitourinary System DisordersHematological DisordersSkin DisordersEndocrine DisordersNeurological DisordersMental DisordersMalignant Neoplastic DiseasesImmune System Disorders