Respiratory System Disorders

Breathing is essential to life and it’s essential to properly functioning at work. If your breathing is so labored or inefficient that you cannot function at work, you may qualify for disability benefits.

Impairment of Function

Respiratory System DisordersFor respiratory system disorders, impairment of function is the most important criterion. The description of these disorders emphasizes how important it is to get certain tests to establish impairment of function, but how important it is to document your conditions fully over an extended period of time to show that your condition does not markedly approve despite a variety of treatment approaches.

Chronic Pulmonary Inefficiency

People can qualify with any cause of pulmonary inefficiency, as measured by certain types of tests that show how well a person can breathe in, breathe out, or effectively exchange gases in their lungs.


Asthma is a condition in which the tissues of your lungs constrict, preventing you from effectively getting the air you need. Asthma may be tested using the same tests as chronic pulmonary inefficiency, or it can be judged on the basis of the frequency and severity of your attacks.

Cystic Fibrosis

Cystic fibrosis is a disease in which your lungs become clogged with thick mucus. It can be assessed using breathing efficiency tests, frequency and severity of attacks, or recurrent infections.

Chronic Lung Infections

Chronic lung infections are generally assessed under the tests of breathing efficiency, as well as establishing the presence of an infection.

Cor pulmonale

Cor pulmonale is a failure in the right side of your heart caused by chronic, long-term high blood pressure. It is established on the basis of documentation of the condition, plus blood pressure measurements.

Lung Transplant

If you receive a lung transplant, you are automatically considered disabled for 12 months, at which point your breathing will be evaluated.

Do you think you might be disabled due to a respiratory system disorder? Please contact us for a free disability benefit evaluation.

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