We Can Help You Apply for Disability Benefits

who can apply for ssdiDisability benefits are not something you aspired to. You wanted to be able to work, to support yourself and your family. But now, because of illness or injury, you have to face the truth that you are unable to work, and it’s time to apply for disability benefits.

Disability benefits aren’t easy to get. Applications for disability have more than doubled in the last ten years, and less than 30% of claims are approved on the initial application. These claims may be appealed and take a long time to appeal, so time is of the essence and you should contact a Cincinnati social security disability attorney immediately.

Working with a Cincinnati social security disability attorney can help make sure that your claim is in the best shape to be accepted. It can’t guarantee acceptance, but it will improve your odds and help you speed your application through the process. We can start by giving you a free evaluation of your disability.

What Disability Benefits Do You Qualify for?

The Social Security Administration (SSA), offers four types of disability benefits:

  • Social Security Disability Insurance (SSDI)
  • Supplemental Security Income (SSI)
  • Widow(er) Benefits
  • Adult Disabled Child Benefits

The first two categories account for about 90% of benefits offered by the SSA.

SSDI is designed to help if you have worked in the past, but now can’t because of a disabling illness or injury.

SSI provides some income for people who are disabled and who do not have any resources. Thus, SSI is based not only on being disabled for one full year but also on economic need.

Widow(er) Benefits provide for widows of disabled persons, and can accrue at a young age if your widow is caring for your children. Otherwise, they can begin at age 50 if your widow is disabled, 60, or at full retirement age, depending on their needs.

Adult Disabled Child benefits go to adults who have a disability that started before they reached the age of 22.

Check out Disability Benefits Free Simple Qualification Page.

How to Apply for SSDIHow You Apply for Disability

An initial claim for disability benefits can be made online, over the phone, or at a local Social Security Field Office. We can file your claim for you right from our office. You avoid the lines and bureaucratic hassles. Plus you get our guidance on how to fill out your application. And unless we win you back benefits you will not pay us a penny. In order to apply, you have to make sure you qualify for a disability. Learn more about disabling conditions before you make an application.

After your application is filed there can be a long waiting period. Experienced social security attorneys  that act timely may speed up the process. In some cases a hardship request can expedite your social security disability hearing. Check out the Social Security Disability timetable to find out waiting period estimates.

With the high rate of denied claims, don’t be surprised if your initial claim is denied. Don’t give up. Contact us  right away to see if we can help you appeal  to get the benefits you deserve.

How We Can Help

A Social Security disability attorney can help you at all stages of your application process. An attorney can help you file your disability benefits claim, get critical medical evidence, represent you at hearing,prep you for the hearings so you will know what to expect, attend hearings with you, examine and cross examine witness, prepare position statements,and coordinate your SSA disability benefits appeal.

No matter which stage you hire a representative, a lawyer can help you speed up the process and improve your odds of success.

You can get a free evaluation of your eligibility, and we won’t charge any fee unless we help you get benefits. To learn more about how we can help you apply for Social Security disability benefits, please contact us today. Call right now 1-800-447-6548 for a free initial consultation.