Social Security Disability Claim for Migraine Headaches– How You Can Win a Claim

Migraine headaches, commonly referred to as migraines, are severe headaches that can ruin a day. Frequent migraines are severe and could cause inability to work, be sociable, and in some cases, even able to go outside. These types of headaches are not your run of the mill headaches– they are often non-treatable and unlike anything most people have suffered.

How Migraines are Classified by Social Security

Migraines are not specifically listed by the Social Security Administration. While there is not a portion specifically about these types of headaches, they could be spurred on or a common symptom with another disabling condition. Severe headaches could be a portion of diseases such as post traumatic stress syndrome, multiple sclerosis, or fibromuscular displasia . These could be confirmed due to medical reports or consultative examinations.

Migraine Sufferers are Growing

According to CDC statistics, 14% of all adults have suffered from a migraine in the past three months. In addition, there are certain risk factors that could cause more common or more severe migraine headaches. Women are approximately twice as likely to suffer from migraines. The unemployed and poor are also at an increased risk of facing migraines.

Migraines also cause untold further effects. Migraine sufferers are often unable to continue at work when this type of headache first strikes. Driving also becomes nearly impossible for many. These types of migraines are becoming more prevalent and could be exacerbated by stress and other factors.

Find Out if You Qualify for Social Security Disability

Getting Social Security Disability for migraines is more complicated than many other cases. Due to the fact that migraines are not specifically listed in the Social Security Administration’s guidelines, the need for a skilled attorney to use case law and precedent is even more vital than normal. These cases will often need to be compared to the “grid rules” that determine if a person is able to work, and if so, to what degree of work. These grid rules take in multiple factors, including age, work history, and the level of migraines.

If you are unable to work due to chronic migraines, it could also be due to other disabling conditions. Severe diseases that also spark such headaches are not unheard of. Some of these listings, such as multiple sclerosis, are listed in the SSA guidelines and could be used to win a disability claim.

How to Help Your Disability Claim for Migraine Headaches

After consulting your doctor about these headaches, there are several steps that could assist in any SSA claim. These could include steps such as the full documentation of every time that you are afflicted by a migraine, including their intensity, length, and date. Increasing incidents of headaches, severity, or their effect on work or social life could be vital in any claim. When these are factored in with other medical issues and daily life, there could be a compelling case.

However, fighting the SSA alone is nearly impossible. Rather than being stuck in the morass of the bureaucracy, with the help of a skilled attorney you will have a fighting chance. An attorney that specializes in disability law will have the knowledge and study of law and precedent to get you the best possible outcome. Call me today to see what my years of experience and won cases can do for you and your family.

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