Drastic Changes to SSDI – Why You Need a Cincinnati Disability Attorney More Than Ever

The social security administration has announced drastic changes making it harder to get disability benefits, so a disability lawyer is needed now more than ever. It is no surprise that social security has changed one of the best rules that was helpful to disability claimants. Social Security Disability Abolishes the Treating Physician Rule The treating doctor […]

How to Win Social Security Benefits For Military Veterans by Cincinnati Ohio Lawyer

Winning social security disability income benefits for military veterans, whether in my hometown of Cincinnati, Ohio or in states across the United States takes special care. A skilled attorney advocate should bring knowledge of the rules and regualtions the social security administration has put forth to establish a veteran’s disability claim. Although the 5 step sequential evaluation […]

How a Cincinnati Social Security Lawyer Won $37,967.00 in Back Benefits For Disabled Client and Future Payments

  Social security disability claims are often arduous on the client , but a winning decision and the notice of award are rewarding for the client and the lawyer alike as the recent win of back benefits  for one of my clients in the amount of $37,967.00 was especially gratifying. The story of course does not […]