How to Win Social Security Benefits For Military Veterans by Cincinnati Ohio Lawyer

Winning social security disability income benefits for military veterans, whether in my hometown of Cincinnati, Ohio or in states across the United States takes special care. A skilled attorney advocate should bring knowledge of the rules and regualtions the social security administration has put forth to establish a veteran’s disability claim. Although the 5 step sequential evaluation the SSA goes through is the same for all, there are certain authoritative stipulations and precedent that apply to military veterans, that not only can help win there claim, but also move it to a decision without years of waiting.

Getting An Expedited Decision for Wounded Warrior Veterans

If you are a veteran that was  disabled while on actice duty you are entitled to have your claim expedited. (1)   In addition if you have  a 100%   permanent and total disability rating from the veteran’s administration you may also have you social security claim for disability income benefits expedited. You or your social security lawyer must tell social security that either one of these circumstances apply to you so you can move through the social security system sooner.

Using the Veterans’ Administration Decision To Bolster Your SSDI Application

The decision made in your veteran’s administration claim can be used to bolster your social security claim. It is important to remember that veteran’s benefits and social security benefits are determined by different agencies. (The veterans administration and the social security administration). So even if you get total disability from one agency you may not get it from the other. Even a partial disability decision by the veterans administration can help your social security claim. It can be evidence that you have a disability which is severe. One that impacts basic work activities .

It is important to get before the social security administration all the critical evidence from acceptable medical sources and non medical sources. Most SSI judges will give great weight to a decision from the veterans administration. By law they are required to consider the decision and comment on the weight they gave it. But it is not binding. (2)

Pile on Every Bit of Evidence

There can be too little evidence of disability ( inability to work) and that will cause you to lose. You can never have too much evidence. There is a hierarchy of the evidence that you must put forth. Evidence from a longstanding, highly qualified, treating specialist in the field of your injury is at the top of the list.

An experienced social security disability income benefits law firm knows what is critical. With rules and regulations and case law spanning thousands of pages you would be foolish to gamble your future going unrepresented. Failure at any stage can cause you financial ruin.


2. SSR – 2006-03

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